Innovative & Revolutionizing software applications for the ambitious enterprise, bringing the power of artificial intelligence and data analytics designed for purpose, rocket scale and growth profitability.

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Application Development

RealAnalytics builds user-centric applications for the cloud, mobile, web, IoT and virtual reality that exceed expectations.

Machine Learning

We focus on building powerful systems that generate meaningful, profitable actionable insights from your business data through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Analytics & Big Data

Data is gold. We work with enterprises like yours unleashing the power of Big-Data . We use complex data based algorithms to solve enterprise problems and achieve organization goals

Enterprise Applications

We help our customers improve their various processes by proferring solutions engineered for efficiency. We build innovative enterprise applications that are easily integrated with your ERP systems.

Product Development & Strategy

We work with startups and digital labs of enterprises to build & innovate products from ideation phase to engineering execution to market.

Cyber Security

The security of your data & systems is of high critical importance. We work with enterprises not only to build secure systems but to help discover and fix security fractures in your existing systems.

Real Analytics

Working With RealAnalytics Gives Your Business Rocket SuperPowers :- The Real Advantage :)

Fast & Powerful

Our applications are built to be fast and powerful just for you.

Analytics Fueled Efficiency

We bring the superpower of analytics to your business through insights.

Data Hacked Growth

We understand the power of data. We build pipelines and algorithms that transofrm your data into profitability for your business

Our Projects

Here are some of the Projects we have worked on

Enterprise Admissions Platform

Our inhouse team of engineering, user-experience and product experts worked with Lagos Business School to build an cloud-based realtime enterprise solution to facilitate their admission process.

Business Analytics Network

We worked with the operations team at LBS to build and generate actionable analytical insights in realtime from various data-points across board which has helped increase their efficiency.

Redefining Interview

We worked with on-ground customer facing personnels and interview coordinators at LBS to design and engineer a new kind of cloud-based platform that completely drove up the teams efficiency by 75% and elminated various drag points.

What our clients are saying?

We very much hope to work with you to make you happy just as we made them.

RealAnalytics worked with us when we were recently started out in the Nigerian market and have since become our preferred technical partner.

RealAnalytics really has a way of drawing up magical insights from data. They helped us in engineering our go-to-market strategy

July Stephan

Chief Of Operations

Johan U.

VP Market Growth


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