Anita Dabor
Adeyinka Adeyemi

I work in the External and Government Affairs Department. I work as Manager, External and Government Relations, which means I relate with various government agencies, the press and the public as it concerns the company’s business operations.

The road has been good because I drive against the traffic. Yesterday it told me its 54mins to get here while today it was about 55mins. It is as good as going to Ikeja and back to my office from my home. Not bad..

This is my first time coming to the SMC – PAU campus. The ambience of the place is relaxing. It is not the kind of facility that I thought would be here. So I am impressed with the environment, its serenity and the professionalism displayed by everybody; from the gate men to the people who handled the course, it has been an encounter with professionals which sort of give you some assurance that you are in the right place.

My first day in class was fantastic. I was telling someone last night that this is the first course I have attended in a long, long, long time and i didn’t sleep in class. Usually I would find a cosy place at the back of a class to take some nap, but not in this case. Though I struggled to stay awake at some point, but it has been rewarding and exciting and I have gained something coming here which is worthwhile. There is value for whatever money the company has paid.

I came to this course to tell myself whether my approach to the job I am doing is right or wrong. I have worked in External and Government relations over a long period and I needed to be assured if there are new ways to doing things. Are there better ways to doing things? Are there things of value that I can take back to the office to improve the totality of my department that can be of more relevance to my department. Those were my objectives. Thank you.”– Adeyinka Adeyemi, External and Government Relations Manager, Addax Petroleum Development, Nigeria Limited. (External Relations and Reputation Management Programme, August 2019)Adeyinka Adeyemi